11 thoughts on “REGISTRATION FORM”

  1. I want to thank the director of this school for this great vision. We are really enjoying this and flowing in the vision.

  2. Hello am Francis pls may I knw the prices for ur sessions and how much will u pay if I want to learn more than one instrument

  3. May I know the prize for each course session and Requirement For Admission’s

  4. Please my name is Ike benson
    How much is the voice training for 4 months

  5. Please i want to just study only for 1 months cause i don’t have time on my side please and please sir.
    i hope my request will be granted.
    thank you.

  6. I just want to know how much will it cost for the four months period.weekend class

  7. Please I would like to register for the March diploma programme. P.S. your ‘contact us’ page is having issues with the captcha.

  8. please may I know how it will to be participate in all the musical instruments

  9. Pls I want to know if you offer accommodation
    for those from afar

  10. I went to know how much will it cost for four month

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